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Poetic Eyes [userpic]

May 31st, 2011 (03:07 pm)

Life doesn't always work out the way we plan. Timelines, structure and routine can only account for so much. In reality, life is meant to be lived from day to day. I have yet to meet a person whose plan turned out they way that they always imagined. If I have learned anything it's that money, big houses and nice cars are not at all worth the years of work-a-holic attitudes that have been in place to get all of those THINGS. I am not impressed by things I am truly moved by people. The people that we create relationships with, relate to, and care for in a mutual sense are much more powerful then any material object.
The things that once surrounded me in my apartment for years have been dismantled as the physical place that I called home for my entire adult life is now just a shell. Just as our bodies become when we cease to exist. What remains is the spirit of the things we leave behind. The lives we touch, the people that walked through, the celebrations, the devastations, the all nighters, laughter, friendships, the butterflies and "I can't believe I"'s, the defeats, the goodbyes, the firsts, the " I don't know what to do's" the people, the people, the people.
This is life. Not what substance that dwells in your body, not what is on your body or around it but what is in your heart. And the only way to show your heart is to share it with others.

Though my plans have not worked out exactly, I am so grateful to have the experience of sharing with others parts and pieces of myself that I never would have had the opportunity to had I been in a different job or atmosphere.
I will continue to create these experiences and learn about the world and other cultures and people even here stateside until my departure for the Peace Corps which is now seeming like next year.
In this year I vow to continue learning about people, experiencing life in it's awesomeness and live peacefully.