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Poetic Eyes [userpic]

May 10th, 2010 (12:55 pm)

Fake the breaths
That exasperate the cause
find solace in taste
of bitter

Shrug slyly at the façade
Rippling tones of insignificance
grasping to the silence

ants in colonies
carrying papers overhead
to prove
often lacking character

to stretch
to skew
to swallow the gravity
plasticly molded
under universal law
connecting chords of disarray

the winds blow across
faces that don’t feel
hearts protected
by warmth that is cold

as the sun sets on another manufactured day

to breathe
intent into actions
feel alive with bouncing cells
where every taste touch and feeling
exaggerates itself
in sweet honey

that sticks
and stings

altercations of what is
and what should be
drawing lines in the sand
building castles
standing below to be part of it
to conquer is to deceive.